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Beginning of construction for core of 4 stations in line 3 of Mashhad Urban Railway

The CEO of Mashhad Urban Railway Corporation informed that construction of core part of 4 stations in Mashhad Urban Railway- line 3 has been started.


According to the international and public relations of Mashhad Urban Railway Corporation, Kianoosh Kiamarz said: constructing the core part of Shohada Square, Bab-ol-Javad, Sharestan and Terminal stations at line 3 started.

He mentioned about the activity of two excavation machines at western and eastern fronts in line 3 of urban railway and said: TBM machine has arrived at Janbaz Street at the western front. Also, the eastern front is around Sharestan.

The CEO of Mashhad Urban Railway Corporation states: it has been estimated that 6,500 billion Tomans credit would be needed to construct the line 3. So, the amount of 500 billion Tomans has been provided by selling bonds for line 3 and it already has been spent on it. In doing so, at the moment, the urban managements are going to obtain the governmental licenses to sell bonds on the second phase.

Kiamarz continued: in case of getting the relevant licenses from the government and legal process, another 500 billion Tomans bonds would be presented to be a credit source for line 3 of Mashhad Urban Railway.

He mentioned about the 28.5 kilometers route of the urban railway from Elahieh to Shahrak-e-Aboozar and added: considering the long line, it can be predicted that bonds may be sold in three or four phases. Therefore, the amount between 2000 and 3000 billion Tomans of 6,500 billion Tomans credit, would be provided from selling bonds to construct the line 3 of urban railway.


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Date Posted: Sunday, December 17, 2017
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